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outdoor home theater

By: Joanna Ellis-Escobar – Creating your own outdoor theater and entertainment center can provide hours of fun for your whole family during gorgeous warm Florida evenings. But not sure where to start? Consulting with a professional home theater installation firm can help you design an outdoor entertainment center that suits your preferences and your budget […]

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Three Must-Have Audio Upgrades Just in Time for March Madness

By: Joanna Ellis-Escobar – The Division I Basketball Tournament of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is more commonly referred to as March Madness and is one of the most famous and beloved traditions in college basketball. Upgrading your home theater sound system in preparation for the Big Dance can enhance your enjoyment of this […]

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Home Theater

By: Joanna Ellis-Escobar – Finding the best specials on home theater systems this Black Friday can help you create an entertainment center you and your family will enjoy all year around. Soundbars and streaming video players are among the most popular items on sale this year, but bargains can be had on a wide range […]

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home cinema system

By: Joanna Ellis-Escobar – Purchasing a home audio system can be challenging, especially for novices to the world of home theater installations. Doing some basic research before you buy can save you time and trouble over the long run and can ensure that you get the best possible sound for your hard-earned money. In many […]

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The Best in Sound and Convenience

Wireless technologies have revolutionized the way home theater systems work in modern homes. By eliminating the need for bulky or unsightly wiring, these connectivity solutions can streamline the installation process and can provide centralized control over all home theater functions. Multi-room systems add even more customization options by allowing you to select different settings for […]

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All About HDMI

The right connections can have a major impact on the quality of your home theater experience. High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) connections can deliver superior clarity of picture and sound for you and your family. Because these cables carry audio and video signals through one simple interface, they are currently the industry standard for most HD […]

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