Residential / Commercial Onsite Services

  • Troubleshooting

    Are you frustrated with your media system? Do you have issues with your remotes or audio? Components not functioning properly? Problems with your network? Trade in that stress & frustration for some expert advice. We'll have you lounging on your sofa enjoying your home theater in no time!

  • TV Installation

    Bought a new flat screen TV and need to have it installed. Sit back and we'll have it installed, calibrated and up and running in no time, whether indoors or outside on your deck or patio.

  • Component Installation

    Whether you're installing an entire new system or just swapping out or adding an upgraded component or two, we've got you covered! Our knowledgeable experts will get you fully wired and functioning in less time than it would take you to figure out your new remote.

  • Home Theater Networking

    Looking to network your media system? We can help. In just minutes, we can have all of your home theater components networked to the Internet so you can stream movies, music and TV with the touch of a button.

  • Remote Setup

    Don't let your devices get the best of you. We can quickly help you set up and program up to 4 devices. When we're done, your home theater system will virtually run itself.

  • Speaker Installation

    If you're ready to dial in the audio components on your home theater system, let our expertise and knowledge save you time and money. We can advise you on optimal installation placement and train you on your new sound system.

  • HDTV Calibration Services

    Unfortunately, simply plugging in your new HDTV likely isn't going to result in that stellar picture you probably paid quite a bit more for. How can you get the best picture out of your HDTV? We can help! Our ISF-Certified installation team is ready to calibrate and fine-tune your tv so you'll get a clear, crisp beautiful picture for your viewing enjoyment, every time.

  • Home Theater Consulting

    Ready to make your in-home entertainment system an experience? Let us conduct a home walk through, where our experts will make recommendations on products and give you installation ideas to get the most out of your media systems.

  • Gaming Console Setup

    We can have you hooked up and battling for the title before you'll be able to unwrap your new game. Leave it to us and your Playstation, Wii or Xbox will game-ready in no time!

  • Smart Home Consultation

    Doesn't it seem like every device you buy these days wants to connect to a wireless network so you can control it with your mobile? If you need some help sorting all this out, have an.Agent come to your place so we can help you sort out all the connection and capabilities. Don't let your smart home make you feel dumb.

  • Smart Camera Setup

    If you are thinking of adding wireless security cameras to your home, we can help.Our Agents are trained to install smart cameras and connect them to an existing wireless network. We will help you put your cameras up where you want them and set them ups you can control them with your smart phone.

  • Smart Hub Setup

    Your smart hub is the core of your new connected home network. The hub is the gizmo through which your devices connect to your wireless network and lets you control them using your smart phone or computer. Have an Agent over to your house to make sure you new controller gets set up properly.

  • Smart Lighting Setup

    Thanks to wireless networking, you can now control your living room lights from anywhere.And we mean anywhere. Make sure it gets done right by having an Agent come out to your place to install and configure your smart lights for you.

  • Smart Switch Setup

    Tired of using those old-fashioned timers to turn your lights on or off when you are not home? Our Agents will come to your site to install up to three switches and connect them to your wireless network so you can control them remotely with your smart pho with your smart phone. We'll help you download the app to your phone if necessary and show you how to work the switches.

  • Smart Thermostat Setup

    You thought being able to set your thermostat to turn down when you were at work was something. The new smart thermostats not only let you program heating and cooling changes, but also learn your preferences over time and make programming changes dynamica based on past use. Our Agents are trained to install and configure smart thermostats so yours will start learning your habits from the get-go.


Residential $130 /Hour per Technician with 1 Hour Minimum Commercial $150 /Hour per Technician with 1 Hour Minimum Check out what's included with each service option Schedule Now
  • Troubleshooting

  • Home Theater Consultation

  • Component Installation

  • Home Theater Networking

  • Remote Control Setup

  • Speaker Install

  • TV Calibration

  • Gaming Setup

  • Smart Home Consultation

  • Smart Camera Setup

  • Smart Hub Setup

  • Smart Lighting Setup

  • Smart Switch Setup

  • Smart Thermostat Setup



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Are You an Experienced AV Cable TV Technician Looking To Manage Your Own Territory and More than Double Your Current Compensation?

We’re a fast growing company in the burgeoning home theater industry expanding throughout Florida in need of full-time techs to service the areas listed below.

We provide on-site services to residential and commercial customers which include, troubleshooting, TV and speaker Installation, TV calibration, remote programming, network setup, gaming setup, and planning.

To take advantage of this opportunity you must have a minimum 4 years of cable/av installation and troubleshooting experience.  You must be friendly, courteous, have your own transportation, and be willing to learn or have a working knowlege of Quick Books.

  • West Palm Beach
  • Boca Raton
  • Miami
  • Jacksonville
  • Orlando
  • Naples
  • Sarasota
  • Tampa/St Petersburg
  • Ocala
  • Daytona Beach
  • Ft. Myers
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  • "Just purchased a new BlueRay unit and HD TV, but had no idea how to install them. Took your technician less than an hour to have both up and running. What a relief." JR- Boca

  • "Purchased a Logitech Harmony remote recently . Our system has many components and no matter what I did, couldn't get the system to work properly. Your courteous techician had all working perfect in no time. Thanks again for your quick response." DB - Jupiter

  • "We recently purchassed new speakers, but weren't able to adjust them to get true surround sound . Thanks for the help. Sounds like a concert hall now." GF - Boytan Beach

  • "We have a router for our computers but had no idea how to hook it up to our home theater system so we could enjoy all the internet has to offer. You technician had the internet streaming movies to our system in no time. " FH = Palm beach


At Home Theater MD, our experts have more than 20 years experience in the home theater video and audio installation industry. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and know-how to assess, plan, install and train customers on their new systems. Whether you need troubleshooting on your existing system or help getting the most out of your new components, we're here to make sure your home theater system experience is the best it can be.
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