4 Tips For Installing Your HDTV Over Your Fireplace

By: Joanna Ellis-Escobar –

Depending on the layout of the room, placing your new HDTV over the fireplace may be the best option for clear visibility and central location. Not to mention, this chic installment option is all the rage these days. Opting for this position, however, can create significant challenges that must be addressed before performing your installation. The experts at Home Theater MD can provide you with solid support in selecting and installing your new equipment. Here are four tips you should keep in mind when planning your over-the-fireplace HDTV installation.

TIP #1: Electrical Outlets

Your new HDTV set will require a surge protector as well as access to an electrical current. If you plan to install powered speakers on either side of your set, this can quickly add up to significant electrical wiring accessible near your installation location. Making sure that you have the right outlets for the job and that all electrical components are connected to a surge protector can ensure the most attractive and functional installation for your HDTV set.

TIP #2: Adequate Ventilation

HDTV sets can produce a significant amount of heat. Leaving room for ventilation is especially important when placing the television over a fireplace that can generate considerable heat on its own. A carpenter can build a slide-out system or recessed area designed to allow airflow around your HDTV. But, if you don’t want to hire someone to build a structural mounting piece, you can easily consult with a professional home theater installation company to make sure your TV will be mounted and ventilated properly after installing it over the fireplace.

TIP #3: Proper Positioning

Most home theater experts recommend placing your HDTV no more than 68 inches from the ground for optimal viewing. Mounting your TV too high can lead to strained necks and decreased enjoyment of your new HDTV. Consider the angle at which you and your family will be viewing before deciding on an over-the-fireplace position for your set. An adjustable mounting system that can be angled or lowered to improve the line of sight for viewers may reduce neck strain and enhance the overall viewing experience for everyone.

TIP #4: Code Compliance

City and state electrical and fire codes may play a role in your planned installation project. Some municipalities have regulations in place that may affect the placement of electrical wiring to the HDTV; others may prohibit the use of extension cords inside covered areas of your home. By working with a professional installer, you can ensure that every part of your project is compliant with applicable safety codes and standards.

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