Five Tips to Get a Great Home Sound System

By: Joanna Ellis-Escobar –

Purchasing a home audio system can be challenging, especially for novices to the world of home theater installations. Doing some basic research before you buy can save you time and trouble over the long run and can ensure that you get the best possible sound for your hard-earned money. In many cases, working with a company that specializes in the design and installation of home theater systems can provide the expert guidance needed to achieve the best results. Here are five of the most important things you should know when putting together your home sound system.

#1. Speakers Are the Key to Sound

It may seem obvious, but too often, people overlook the fact that the best sound can only be produced by high-quality speakers. Choosing the best speakers you can afford and positioning them to produce optimal sound in your available space can have a stunning impact on the audio experience in your home. Properly placed and sized speakers can produce high fidelity sound reproduction, ensuring that you enjoy the best in movie and music entertainment throughout your home.

#2. Consider Your Lifestyle

The sound requirements of movies and music are significantly different. If you primarily intend on using your home sound system to play music, you’ll probably want to invest in front left and right speakers to achieve the most balanced playback. Movies, on the other hand, typically need a stronger center channel and subwoofer. Thinking about how you intend to use your system can allow you to make the right purchases for your particular set of needs.

#3. Manage Temperatures

Like any other electronic equipment, your home theater components are sensitive to temperatures and can generate quite a bit of heat when packed into a small space. Ensuring you will have plenty of open space around your receiver and other system components before you install can help you extend the life of your equipment.

#4. Decide—Wired vs. Wireless Receivers

Your stereo receiver offers configuration options to create a customized sound for any room. Wi-Fi receivers can reduce the need for wires and can provide a solid solution for smaller rooms. For absolute fidelity and precision, however, quality wired systems still largely outperform their wireless counterparts. Some speakers will only work with wireless or wired setups. Choosing components that will work well with each other is essential to avoid wasted money and time.

#5. Get the Right Connectors and Cables

Choosing a system that uses modern connections is critical to ensure interoperability between all elements of your home theater setup. HDMI cables are standard for HD televisions and convey digital audio and video signals to your screen from satellite, cable, streaming media and Blu-Ray devices. Digital audio connectors are used to connect some gaming systems to your receiver for playback and may be combined with component video connections. Choosing components with the right connections can ensure the best results for your home theater system.

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