How to Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Home Theater Set Up—4 Factors to Consider

By: Joanna Ellis-Escobar –

Creating your own outdoor theater and entertainment center can provide hours of fun for your whole family during gorgeous warm Florida evenings. But not sure where to start? Consulting with a professional home theater installation firm can help you design an outdoor entertainment center that suits your preferences and your budget perfectly. From simple projection theaters to advanced HD options, you can customize your backyard entertainment center to provide the best viewing experience for you and your family. Here are four key components to think about to make sure you get the most out of your new outdoor theater system.

#1. Choosing the Right Projector

Brightness and high resolution are the two most important elements when choosing a projector for outdoor use. Brighter projection can improve visibility, especially during dusk and twilight hours. Resolution is also important for big-screen projection—most video experts recommend at least 1080p resolution to ensure the best picture for your outdoor theater. Investing a little more in a higher quality projector will almost certainly improve the quality of your viewing experience in your outdoor theater.

#2. Sound System Selections

Volume and sound quality are both essential when it comes to your outdoor theater sound system. Price is often a limiting factor for these installations, but the cost of a good outdoor speaker can vary significantly depending on brand and added features. If you can bring speakers back inside when they are not in use, you may be able to achieve good sound quality with less expensive speakers. Consulting with a professional home theater installation company can provide added guidance on the most appropriate speaker and sound solutions for your backyard and your budget.

#3. Screening Options

From inexpensive inflatable screens made of vinyl or plastic to tailor-made permanent screen solutions, you can choose from a wide array of backdrops for your outdoor theater. Painting one side of a large shed white can simulate the drive-in experience in your own backyard, especially when popcorn and soft drinks are added into the mix. If high-definition video is not an absolute priority, you can even use a white sheet suspended from a clothesline to serve as an impromptu screen for your outdoor movie night.

#4. Content for your Backyard Theater

If you’re looking for one way to save on your outdoor theater, an affordable Blu-ray player may be a practical component for your outdoor home theater experience. Streaming video services can also be connected by using a Wi-Fi connection or direct wired hook-up. Whichever content solution you choose, investing in professional installation can ensure the best possible sound and video quality for your backyard entertainment center.

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