The Best in Sound and Convenience: Whole-Home Wireless Audio Systems

Wireless technologies have revolutionized the way home theater systems work in modern homes. By eliminating the need for bulky or unsightly wiring, these connectivity solutions can streamline the installation process and can provide centralized control over all home theater functions. Multi-room systems add even more customization options by allowing you to select different settings for every room of your house. Working with a company that specializes in home theater setups can provide you with added help in making the right choices for your wireless installation. Here are some important factors to consider when shopping for wireless home theater and entertainment systems.

Your initial investment in speakers and other equipment may vary widely depending on the number of rooms you want to include in your setup and the types of components you intend to hook up to your home theater system. You’ll also need to consider what type of wireless connection will work best for your existing audio library. Here are a few solutions to consider.

Apple’s AirPlay

AirPlay is designed to provide wireless connectivity for iOS users and can stream music to several speakers at once, making it easy to take your tunes throughout your house. AirPlay speakers will only work with iOS devices or with computers that have iTunes installed, so they may limit the options for those not already committed to Apple’s operating systems.


Bluetooth is one of the most versatile connectivity options and can generally stream music from any Bluetooth-equipped device, making it an excellent choice for those interested in piping music from most Smartphones or other computing devices such as tablets to various rooms inside the home. Unfortunately, Bluetooth systems typically can only stream to one or two paired speaker setups, making it less useful for whole-home installations.

Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi offers the greatest range and the highest degree of reliability for whole-home speaker setups. Because the speakers and the components all connect through the same Wi-Fi network, it is easy to add new elements to the existing setup. Most dedicated wireless audio systems make use of advanced Wi-Fi network technology to ensure full connectivity and clear, high-fidelity sound for all areas of your home.

A number of commercial systems have been designed around the connectivity provided by home Wi-Fi networks.


Sonos can connect with both Android and iOS devices to deliver crystal-clear audio throughout your home. The system includes a powered player for speakers and a non-powered component that connects directly to your home theater system to deliver a reliable signal for up to 32 rooms. Three powered speakers, a sound bar and a subwoofer round out the standard setup equipment for this versatile system.

Bose SoundTouch Series II

The power of Wi-Fi connectivity allows the Bose SoundTouch Series II system to provide access to Spotify, Pandora, Internet radio and iTunes at the touch of a remote and to deliver music to up to six rooms in your home. The ability to access online music sources is a strong selling point for this advanced wireless sound system. It is outclassed, however, by the stronger performance and added features available from Sonos.

DLNA systems

These systems boast the greatest degree of interoperability among components. This comes at a cost, however; systems like the Definitive Technology Wireless Collection often need considerable tweaking to ensure that all elements of your home theater installation work as expected. The PlayFi system developed by DTS is at the heart of this advanced home theater system and can deliver top-quality audio entertainment to up to 16 rooms inside your house.

The size and configuration of your home will dictate some of your decisions regarding the right wireless audio system setup for you and your family. By working with a trusted and reliable home theater installation company, you can ensure the best sound and the most convenient controls for your new whole-home stereo system.