Three Must-Have Audio Upgrades Just in Time for March Madness

By: Joanna Ellis-Escobar –

The Division I Basketball Tournament of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is more commonly referred to as March Madness and is one of the most famous and beloved traditions in college basketball. Upgrading your home theater sound system in preparation for the Big Dance can enhance your enjoyment of this eagerly awaited annual event. Here are three of the best investments in the current home audio marketplace.

#1: The Humble Sound Bar

For positive bang for the buck, it’s hard to beat the sound bar. These inexpensive home components can add depth to existing speaker systems and can serve as stand-alone support for the built-in speakers featured on many televisions. Sound bars are especially appropriate for smaller areas in which full-scale surround-sound system cannot fit comfortably. While these smaller components offer less power and volume than some competing systems, they are a good solution for home theaters that require a little help in the audio department. Working with a company that specializes in home theater design and installation can provide valuable guidance on the right sound bar for sports enthusiasts.

#2: Traditional Stereo Systems

Designed to provide balanced sound for home theaters, traditional stereo setups typically start with a receiver that connects your television to an array of speakers. Depending on your needs and your budget, you can start with a couple of good quality speakers and upgrade gradually to create the right sound for your space. This scalability is ideal if you’re hoping to slowly build out your home theater while keeping a budget in mind. With a little help from a professional home theater technician, traditional systems can often provide the most practical solution for March Madness fans looking to upgrade their sound.

#3: Surround-Sound Systems

Top-of-the-line surround-sound systems can enhance your enjoyment of the biggest games in college basketball while providing you with the best in audio entertainment throughout the rest of the year. These systems can be custom-configured by your local home theater experts or purchased as go-together box systems that offer added convenience and ease of use. In most cases, opting for a mix of components recommended by an audio-visual professional will reward you with the best balance of outstanding audio fidelity in the home environment and maintaining a reasonable budget. Surround-sound system upgrades typically produce the most noticeable improvements for home theater setups and can provide a truly immersive experience for the dedicated March Madness fan.

The friendly and knowledgeable experts at Home Theater MD can provide you with professional guidance tailor-made to suit your budget and your home audio needs. We can deliver the right solutions to prepare your home theater for the Big Dance in style.