Top Six Hot Trends in Home Theater Décor

By: Joanna Ellis-Escobar –


Creating a stylish and functional home theater can provide your entire family with a restful retreat from the everyday. At Home Theater MD, we specialize in home theater planning by providing professional guidance and support to ensure the best home entertainment experience for each of our clients. We track the latest trends and pass along our industry knowledge to ensure your system lives up to your expectations. Here are six of the hottest trends in the home theater décor industry.

Trend #1: Recliners

Traditional theater seating arrangements are rapidly giving way to luxurious recliners and heavily cushioned chairs and couches. This added focus on comfort does not come at the expense of style, however; custom colors and designs are available to suit almost any home décor or interior design scheme.

Trend #2: Bigger Is Better

As the price tags of large HDTVs continue to fall, it’s not uncommon for home theater experts to recommend choosing a set that’s 60 – 80 inches or larger to achieve the best experience. Of course a set this large requires ample space for set up and optimal viewing. It would also typically require a sturdy wall mount to ensure a sleek profile for your home theater setup. Working with a company that specializes in these types of installations can often provide valuable guidance regarding the best wall mounts for your system.

Trend #3: Wireless Speaker Systems

While some audio purists still sing the praises of wired speaker systems, wireless setups are becoming more common in the home theater environment thanks to dropping prices and improved interoperability for these systems. Sound bars are also making a comeback with new technologies that outperform and outlast their predecessors in the audio speaker marketplace. Some top-end sound bars contain as many as 40 speakers configured to provide surround sound for viewers while minimizing clutter and equipment in home theater setups.

Trend #4: Drapes and Blackout Curtains

The ideal home theater would have no windows to the outside world. For rooms that do, however, blackout curtains and treatments can provide a close approximation of the total darkness necessary to enjoy the best possible visual experience. Drapes on walls can prevent unwanted reflection of sound waves that can interfere with your otherwise perfect audio setup.

Trend #5: The Multi-Screen Experience

One of the most popular trends in the home theater world is the inclusion of multiple screens in the same room. First popularized in science fiction movies, this concept has a lot of practical appeal for those with diverse interests and can be combined with individual headsets to allow each member of the family to enjoy their own entertainment options in a shared space.

Trend #5: Custom Lighting Options

The right lighting can make your home theater setup something special. Track lighting, spotlights and remote-controlled lights can all make a real impact on your entertainment experience and can allow you to enjoy movies and television programs to the fullest. Consider colored lighting to add a playful touch to your presentations and to personalize your home theater environment.

The experts at Home Theater MD can provide you with the guidance and advice needed to create the home entertainment system of your dreams. These dedicated professionals can help you plan and install the components and décor elements needed to bring your vision to life in your own home.




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